How Companies Use Professional Translations to Spanish to Increase their Profits

The increase in global trade creates a need for professional translations

English to Spanish translations are not just a nice gesture for your clients in Mexico or Latin America. Successful companies go beyond translating their website and e-mails into Spanish; they use translations to transform them into an investment. Here are a few examples.


Having a catalog ready for your clients sounds obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many companies forget to get theirs translated. Many times, a client will contact you for one or a few products, and you may talk to them about your range of products or at least the products related to the purchase. In reality, in that moment the client is focused in obtaining the product he needs and is unlikely to remember or even pay attention to your other suggestions. A catalog is something that your client can review later or pass on to a more appropriate department when another person that’s closer to the production process can go over it and pay attention to the rest of the products that would benefit them.

A catalog has another use. It can be forwarded to a client, supplier, or another party in the industry if they ask about your company. Of course, this works only if your product and customer service is good enough to be recommended.


Don’t assume that your product is as intuitive to use as your local market is. Different levels of education and cultural differences can make something familiar turn into something unfamiliar in another culture. Moreover, if your product is industrial or technological, it can be complex by its very nature, which is why you often have manuals for them. You can see the practicality of this because chances are that the machinery you buy from your suppliers comes with a manual as well. If your workers or national clients need a manual, so do the workers and clients of your clients abroad.

Training Materials

If there is something better than a manual, it’s a training manual. A manual is usually read by an operator. A training manual can be used by a person in a higher position to train a number of workers. Again, this applies mostly to industrial or technological products or services.

Not only having a Spanish manual makes it practical for your client to speed up the start of his production process, but it also “marries” your client with your product, making him more likely to purchase from you in the future rather than from someone else. Why would a client change his or her systems and production processes to different ones if his or her trainers and workers are already producing with efficiency in the one that they have from you? Training takes a lot of time and money and companies will tend to stick with the equipment or service that they already are working with.

Promotions and Publicity

Sometimes, you need more than price to motivate a client to try one of your products for the first time, specially in Latin America. Moreover, your company might have a pricing scheme that offers a better price if a client increases his or her purchases with you. Having your promotions translated is a good way to incentivize that first sale that will get the ball rolling.

Note: As with all promotions, the text alone is not enough to make the sale. You’ll need a nice-looking and alluring design as well. Also, make sure that the price is not so low compared to your standard price that the promotion will result in the client buying from you just once and then look for cheaper alternatives.

Translations don’t have to be a cost. They can help you retain and make clients if you know how to use them.

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